Diagnosit ® BVBLUE ® / Bacterial Vaginosis / Why Should I Use Diagnosit ® BVBLUE ®
Diagnosit ® BVBLUE ® / Bacterial Vaginosis / Why Should I Use Diagnosit ® BVBLUE ®

Why Should I Use Diagnosit® BVBLUE®?


“BVBlue test had excellent agreement with Gram stain which was 98.7%.”
Kampan et. al. Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare 2011; 2: 1-5.

“The BVBlue test is able to provide a more objective and more rapid diagnosis of BV at the bedside compared to conventional diagnostic methods.”
Bradshaw et al. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2005; 43: 1304-1308.

“The BVBlue test … is simple, rapid, and objective for the diagnosis of BV.”
Anukam et al. Journal of Medical Laboratory Sciences 2005; 14: 37-42.

Accurate & Comprehensive

Diagnosit® BVBLUE® detects Sialidase enzyme in vaginal fluid specimens.

Sialidase is secreted by pathogens associated with bacterial vaginosis including Gardnerella vaginalis, Bacteroides spp., Prevotella spp., and Mobiluncus spp.

Performance compared to Gram Stain:
93% Sensitivity / 98% Specificity / 96% Accuracy

“Sialidase activity and Gram stain of vaginal fluid represent accurate methods for diagnosing BV”
Smayevsky et. al. Infectious Diseases in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2001; 9: 17-22.


Test and Treat

  • Less than 1 minute hands-on-time … 10 minutes to a test result in one office visit

No Specialized Training

  • CLIA Waived – Low risk of erroneous result

Convenient Storage

  • Controlled Room Temperature Storage

Convenient Packaging

  • All necessary components to conduct 25 or 10 tests (including swabs)

Strong Reimbursement

Larger Gross Margin Potential than other clinical methods of diagnosing BV
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